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A programmatic interface to the 'Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility' ('FinBIF') API ( 'FinBIF' aggregates Finnish biodiversity data from multiple sources in a single open access portal for researchers, citizen scientists, industry and government. 'FinBIF' allows users of biodiversity information to find, access, combine and visualise data on Finnish plants, animals and microorganisms. The 'finbif' package makes the publicly available data in 'FinBIF' easily accessible to programmers. Biodiversity information is available on taxonomy and taxon occurrence. Occurrence data can be filtered by taxon, time, location and other variables. The data accessed are conveniently preformatted for subsequent analyses.

Package options


Character. The base url of the API to query. Default: ""


Character. The API version to use. Default: "v0"


Logical. Should remote API queries by allowed. Default: TRUE


Logical or Integer. If TRUE or a number greater than zero, then data-caching will be used. If not logical then cache will be invalidated after the number of hours indicated by the value. Default: TRUE


Character. The path to the directory where to store cached API queries. If unset (the default) in memory caching is used.


Character. The timezone used by finbif functions that compute dates and times. Default: Sys.timezone()


Character. One of the supported two-letter ISO 639-1 language codes. Current supported languages are English, Finnish and Swedish. By default, the system settings are used to set this option if they are set to one of the supported languages, otherwise English is used.


Logical. Global option to suppress progress indicators for downloading, importing and processing FinBIF records. Default: FALSE


Maintainer: William K. Morris (ORCID)

Other contributors:

  • Finnish Museum of Natural History - Luomus [copyright holder]